Friday, 18 May 2012

Diabetes Blog Week - What They Should Know

Today's Diabetes Blog Week topic surrounds what is something I, as a diabetic, want non-diabetics to know about the condition.  Seeing as how diabetes, if left improperly treated or undetected, can be such a dangerous condition, responsible for about a million amputations a year, 5% of blindness worldwide, and kills a person every 10 seconds, I want people without diabetes to know when they may have it.

I want non-diabetics to know what the warning signs are.  If you have some these symptoms, it could be a sign of diabetes and should be checked out by a doctor.  Many of these symptoms can seem harmless enough, and often are ignored.  My thought is don't ignore them, get it checked out.  Some symptoms of diabetes (type one or two) include:
- frequent urination
- sticky urine
- excessive thirst
- excessive hunger
- unexplained weight loss
- often fatigued
- blurry vision
- cuts or sores that take longer than usual to heal
- dry mouth

While recognizing that you have diabetes is not going to heal you, you can at least be treated by a professional and get the help you need to live a normal life.  That is my wish for non-diabetics to know about diabetes.

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