Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Diabetes Blog Week - One Thing to Improve

So after yesterday's post exalting the virtues of my wife and how she helps me through my sugar lows, I now get to look at something I can improve, as part of Diabetes Blog Week.  If you read yesterday's post you will see a plethora of things that I can improve on.  That was actually the condensed list!  :)

The one thing that I know I have to improve on is something that I have just recently started to do.  That is losing weight.  Growing up, weight had never been a problem for me, but as I age, I guess my ability to metabolize all I was used to eating went away.  I have known it to be an issue for a long time, and even tried to fix it up through a weight loss program, and that was going well, or so I thought.  I was shedding the pounds, but my sugars were out of control.  Given some recent doctor visits and blood pressure readings, I know I have to lose at least 60 pounds.  Given the health problems that diabetics are prone to with elevated weight issues, I have to look after that part of my health, if not for my sake, then for my family's sake.

I have started by doing a few things to really bring my weight down.  The first is exercise.  I am forcing myself to go out for a run or walk everyday.  It sure did hurt the first week or so!  Secondly, I am recording everything I eat and checking my caloric intake.  Just simply the act of recording my food makes me realize how much I had been eating and that I had to bring that down.  So far things are working.  Now the task is to keep it up!

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