Saturday, 19 May 2012

Diabetes Blog Week - Something Good To Eat Wildcard

So today's Diabetes Blog Week post was supposed to be a picture blog, but I don't feel I have enough good pics to show about diabetes really affects my life, so I am going to grab one of the "wildcards" for the week - talking about something good to eat.

I have always loved a good weekend breakfast.  I will often indulge in an Eggs Benedict, however the normal serving that you prepare in the traditional sense can run you upwards of 590 calories and over 35g of fat.  This makes it quite the special treat.  What I do is a little different.  While I keep most of the ingredients the same (substituting a few better health choices, at least in my mind they are!), I make one big change.

I start with one English muffin, making it 100% whole wheat.  I add a couple slices of ham, and two large poached eggs.  This is pretty much the same, so far, as a regular Eggs Benedict serving.  The topping, instead of using hollandaise sauce is half a can of cream of mushroom soup. Personally I use Campbell's 98% Fat Free condensed soup (do not add water, just heat).  With these ingredients I come up with about 445 calories (or a quarter less) and about 20 g of fat (over 40% less).  For carb counting, that gives me 31 g of carbs to give myself insulin for (fibre count already removed).

I like it and it lets me feel a little less guilty about indulging.  :)

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