Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Diabetes Blog Week - One Great Thing

Today's post for Diabetes Blog Week is to talk about something that I (or my loved one) do well with respect to my diabetes.  As much as I would love to talk about the stuff that I think I do well, I wouldn't be there to do it if I didn't have my wife. 

I know I am a diabetic, I know that I am SUPPOSED to carry my blood glucose meter with me all the time, I know that I am SUPPOSED to test my blood sugar before driving, I know that I am SUPPOSED to carry some sort of candy or other quick sugar with me all the time.

With everything that I "know", you would think I would know better!  My wife has lived with me a lot less time than I have lived with diabetes, but she does know better.  She knows that I do not carry fast acting sugar on me at all times.  So whenever I am in need of a quick sugar fix, I know that I can turn to her and get what I need. There have been so many times when we are out for a walk, grocery shopping, or on a long drive, when I have had to turn to her and ask if she has any candy in her purse, knowing full well that she does.  In fact, she recently cleaned out some old purses from our closet and in each purse she found a baggie of candy!  Love you, honey!

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  1. Great post, Richard! It's amazing all the things we "should" be doing that we aren't... what you've named used to be many of those things. My wife has in the past number of years started always carrying glucose tabs on her just in case. After having my own scary Driving While Low situations, I started testing regularly before driving and she's usually the one to carry my "man-purse" when we're out together. Really, the diabetes online community keeps me accountable and through the past seven years has been much of the reason I more regularly do what I'm supposed to. But hey, we're all a work in progress - especially when it comes to diabetes!! Thanks for posting this!