Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Technology is great.....but

I love technology.  I love my smartphone.  I love my computer.  I love my tablet.  I love to bank on-line.  I love that I have an insulin pump and software available to me that will help me track my blood sugars and see trends. 

However, my smartphone cannot yet make phone calls, send texts, or access my facebook account without me doing something.  My computer can't type my blog posts for me.  My tablet can't make Skype calls for me.  My bank account still can't manage itself.  My insulin pump and associated software can't manage my diabetes for me.

Never has this been more evident to me than over the past almost month.  Today I finally did an upload of my blood sugars and basal/bolus amounts, etc.  I had to blink a couple times seeing how badly I have done with respect to control recently.  Had I done this review a couple weeks ago I would have surely seen the slippery slope I was starting to embark upon.  This has given me another jab to get things going again (I seem to need them every once in a while).  My only saving grace is that this has not been caught right before a doctor's appointment where I have to show the details of my recent control.

It is so easy with technology to assume it will do things for you, but you have to realize that while the technology in life, especially the technology designed to SAVE YOUR LIFE, makes things easier for you, you still have to be actively involved in what it does and how it helps you.  Information is only as good as what you do with it.

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