Friday, 27 April 2012

HA1C test

I am sure everyone here has mixed feelings when looking to their HA1C tests that get done regularly.  I just got back from having my blood taken for my test.  I am always of two feelings when getting this done.  On the one hand, it is a good view of how good my control has been over the past few months, and given the time I have had recently I think that I will see an improvement in my results.  On the other hand, there is always that dread that I am going to get a higher reading than before, and get a "talking to" from my doctor.  :(

While I am hoping to get into the low-7% range (somewhere that I haven't been a very long time), I know that it would be much better for my health to get down to a level of under 6%.  (For those of you don't have the conversions available to you at hand....a 7% reading would equate to an average glucose level of approx. 8.6 mmol/L or 154 mg/DL, and 6% would be 7.0 and 126, respectively.)  I had been well on my way to achieving the latter goal since my last test, however six weeks of turmoil at home has told me I will be lucky to get to the low 7% values. 

I do not know how things work where all of you live, but for my government to continue subsidizing my insulin pump, I have to show improvement from where I was when I started out on the pump, and continually work towards getting my blood sugars under control with respect to this test.  As everyone knows it is easier said than done. 

So, for everyone waiting to get their HA1C results, and feeling anxious about it, just letting you know that you aren't alone!  :)

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